Shouhe Zhang

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Shouhe Zhang

Jianhua Yang

Zhang Shouhe is the Executive Vice President of Yunnan University’s Changxin International College of Art, academic leader of dance discipline. Famous choreographer, educator, founder of modern dance discipline of Beijing Dance Academy, member of Academic Committee of Beijing Dance Academy, professor, postgraduate tutor, national outstanding teacher.


For more than 20 years, he has been active in teaching and creative front line, trained many excellent students, and created many excellent works. Critics believe that although Zhang Shouhe's dance works have their own characteristics, they seem to have one common feature: they all pursue the fluency of movement, the grandeur of momentum, the integrity of structure and the profound artistic conception. Its teaching features are "double material teaching", which integrates management and teaching, teaching and research, modern dance and Chinese dance. Mainly engaged in the teaching and creative research of choreography, choreography application theory and techniques research.


His personal works have an important influence in China and in the world. With a rich teaching experience, he is currently an outstanding choreographer and dance educator in China.

He was awarded Beijing Excellent Young Backbone Teacher, Beijing Outstanding Academic Leader, Leader in the Academic Innovation Team, first prize in Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement, Beijing Excellent Teacher, National Outstanding Teacher and other honorary titles.

He has been awarded the first prize of Beijing Education and Teaching Achievements, Beijing Excellent Teachers, Beijing Excellent Discipline Leader, Leader of Editorial Innovation Team, Beijing Excellent Teachers, National Excellent Teachers and other honorary titles.


He is currently a member of the Chinese Dancer Association, Director of the Beijing Dancer Association and judge of various international and domestic dance competitions.



Representative works


Dance drama "Wordless Stele", "Water Margin", "Heluofeng". Dance includes "Bright Trilogy", "Qiushui Yiren", "More than Passion", the large acrobatic show "Heaven Fantasy" and "Shui Xiu", etc.




"Symphonic Poetization of Dance Opera", "Development and Reflection of Modern Dance in China", "Basic Theory of Single Dance Director" etc.


Books in the works include "Dual Dance Choreographer's Course", "Music Choreographer's Course", "Dance Choreographer's Course" etc.


Published Video Textbooks:


"Modern Dance Skills Training" in " A Series of Modern Dance Training Courses " and "Single, Double, Triple Group Choreography Skills”.





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