Bin Luo

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Bin Luo

Bin Luo

Luo Bin, PhD in Dance, Distinguished Professor of Changxin International Art institute. Research fellow and PhD Advisor of China Academy of Art. He is currently deputy secretary and secretary-general of the Party Group of the Chinese Dancer Association, director of the Dance Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Art, head of the Dance Discipline of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Art and member of the Senior Title Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture. Member of the Chinese Nuo Opera Society. He undertook many subjects of the National Key Art Research Projects in the Tenth Five-Year Plan, published nearly 100 dance reviews, and won awards for many reviews and papers.

Publications: "Jia Zuoguang autobiography" lead author, "Chinese folk dance textbooks and teaching methods", "Dai Ailian: My Art and Life", "Macao Dance" (Macau Art Series) and so on. 

   Since the 1990s, nearly 100 papers and reviews have been published, including "Round-Turn Purpose Interest" of Chinese Classical Dance, "Harmony (Harmony) of Meridians and Meridians" and the Analysis of the Form of Chinese Classical Dance, "Dance Buza" and "Nuo" - Thoughts of "Fighting Ghosts" in Guanyonghe Palace, "Exploration of the Origin of Nuo" and "A Brief Discussion on Nuo Dance Studies", etc. The works published in cooperation with others include "Chinese Literature". "Chinese Opera, Acrobatics, Puppet Show, Shadow Show" volume "Chinese Puppet Show", e-book "Dance Spirit" (CD-ROM), Chinese Folk Dance Teaching Materials and Methods, "Dai Ailian: My Art and Life", monograph "Macao Dance" (Macao Art Series), etc.

He participated in the editorial work of the national "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and "Ninth Five-Year Plan" key artistic research projects - "Chinese Contemporary Dance Essence" series of TV biographies "People's Dancer-Jia Zuoguang" and large-scale folk dance series "Dancer on Earth", and served as a contributor to the column "Dance World" of CCTV. He also planned "CCTV TV  Dance Competition" and "Jia Zuoguang Dance Art Thought Seminar" to commemorate the show "Swan Goose" and other dance creations and dance broadcasting activities.

At present, he is the principal director and author of the National Key Art Research Projects of the Tenth Five-Year Plan "Research on Chinese Nuo Dance Culture" and "Graphic and Textual Treasures - Image Research of Precious Materials of Chinese Folk Dance". The main author of "Jia Zuoguang's Autobiography" and the main planner of "Jia Zuoguang's Dance Art Series Commemorative Event" in 2005.

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