Yunxi Man

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Yunxi ManYunxi Man

Man Yunxi, Distinguished Professor of Changxin International Art Institute, Yunnan University. He is currently the Secretary of the Continuing Education Institute of Beijing Dance Academy, the Branch of the Dance Grade Examination Center and Vice President of Continuing Education Institute.

In 1984, he graduated from the first Department of Education of Beijing Dance Academy, majoring in Chinese Classical Dance. He obtained the first batch of bachelor's degree of the Academy.

In 1988, he was transferred to the Department of Chinese Folk Dance and received the basics of Chinese Folk Dance as well as the organization and implementation of teaching.

He has successively served as Leader of the Grade Group, Director of Technical Skills Research Department, Deputy Director of Teaching and Research Section, Leader of the Basic Training Team.

Over the years, he has held six performance majors from 1991 to 2002, and basic training teaching and scientific research work of three education majors.

He has published many articles of different nature in national journals, created many dance works of different styles, planned and presided over the report of graduation class and graduation parties.

He is the author of “Basic Skills Training Course of Chinese Folk Dance

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