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About Zhou Changxin’s Art


Changxin Zhou     



Zhou Changxin is a renowned contemporary Chinese artist. Being hailed as the founder of Zhong Cai oil painting, he is also the initiator of hou cai ci, sumptuously colored porcelain painting style, creator of the line-color doctrine. Zhou has pioneered the best practice for discovering true-image art, making himself an icon of the fusion of art. He is now the president of Changxin International Art College of Yunnan University.

Changxin Zhou

Queen of the desert 150x260cm

Born in 1973 in Zhanjiang of China’s Guangdong Province, Zhou Changxin graduated in 1993 from Art School of Zhanjiang. Then he studied modern Zhong Cai under the guidance of Prof. Du Dakai in the Central Academy of Art & Design (The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University) since 1994, and sought to further postgraduate studies in the Mural Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. Currently, Zhou is the member of the Yunnan Political Consultative Conference, Honorary Chairman of Zhou Changxin Art Fund, Chief Editor of the Zhong Cai Oil Painting magazine, president of China Academy for Zhong Cai Oil Painting Studies, Director of the Chinese Culture Promotion Association, and Director of the World Artists Association.

Changxin Zhou

Ai  Hong Kou at  Lianhua  Lake 80X120cm  2006.9.27

On October 19, 2018, the Zhou Changxin Art World Tour Exhibition "Dynamic Life - Rainbow Colors" hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the National Center for Sustainable Development (NCSD) in the USA was launched in the main building of the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

In May 2018, he painted 26 illustrations for The Saint not Sanctified published by Tikhon, Bishop of Orthodox Christianity, Russia.


Changxin Zhou

Blessed River 100x120cm 2010


On May 18, 2018, the "Sunrise in the East – Zhou Changxin Art Exhibition" was launched at National Museum of China, and was widely reported.

In November, the 7th "Changxin Art Scholarship" & 2017 "the Most Potential Artist Award" was unveiled in Yunnan.

2017.9.2: Changxin International College of Art welcomed the first batch of students and held a grand opening ceremony.

Changxin Zhou

Centenarian 197X291cm 2010

2016.09.09: Changxin International College of Art was officially established in Yunnan University and Zhou Changxin took the post of president.  Zhou Changxin studio was also established.2016.07.06: Zhou Changxin world tour exhibition "Dynamic Life - Rainbow Colors" was held in Hague City Hall, Netherland. Meanwhile Zhou Changxin's Zhong Cai oil painting "Fragrance over the prairie" was donated to Van Gogh museum.

Changxin Zhou

The Eastern Sun 197cmX291cm 2012

2016.05.24: Zhou Changxin world tour exhibition — "Dynamic Life - Rainbow Color" was held in Belgium Chinese Culture Centre.

2015.09.28: Zhou Changxin was invited by the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region to attend the 2nd China Tibet Tourism Culture International Expo. Chen Jinguo, Party Secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Losang Jamcan, Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Ding Ye, Standing Committee and Executive Vice President of of the Tibet Autonomous Region and other leaders met Mr. Zhou Changxin and invited him to draw comprehensive pictures of Tibet.

Changxin Zhou

Self Portrait 100X120cm  2012

September 2015: Zhou Changxin's Zhong Cai oil paintings "Tibetan Lady" and "Fantasy Kunlun" were displayed at the "Gorgeous Tibet - Art exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region".jointly organized by the Propaganda Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region Committee and the Chinese Artists Association.

2015.09.08, Jilin Daily published the article "Building a sustainable, 100-billion-level industry and adding wings of culture and art to Changbai Mountain eco-tourism" - a full-page introduction of famous contemporary Chinese painter Zhou Changxin's works about Changbaishan for the 6th Northeast Asian International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition.

The 15th special issue of "Chinese Cultural Figures" in 2015 introduced contemporary Chinese artist Zhou Changxin.


Changxin Zhou

Question Put to Heaven 100x120cm 2009

2015.08.31: Zhou Changxin was invited by the Jilin Provincial Government to hold the exhibition "Changbai Mountain Paintings of Zhou Changxin" at the Northeast Asian Art Museum in Changchun. Bayanqolu, Jilin Provincial Party Committee Secretary and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. The event was reported by Xinhua News Agency and China News Service, and the reporting was forwarded by nearly 100 countries.

Changxin Zhou

Badain Jaran Desert 100x120cm 2009

2015.05.18: At China Guardian Spring Auction 2015, Zhou Changxin's sumptuously colored porcelain work "Picture of Chime" was sold for 2.3 million yuan.

2015.03.27: At 18:35, Macau Lotus Satellite TV premiered "Famous Calligraphy and Paintings: Entering the Forbidden Zone of Life - Zhou Changxin".

In 2014, JULY 2014 English version of China Pictorial featured Zhou Changxin.

Changxin Zhou

lcebound River 80X120cm  2007.1.2

November 2014: "Dynamic Life - Rainbow Colors", sponsored by CICE under the Ministry of Culture, PRC, went to Berlin. It was reported by CCTV-4 of China.

August 2014: Zhou Changxin participated in a large outdoor art exhibition in Futuroscope, France, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the diplomatic relations between China and France. French Prime Minister Raffarin attended the opening ceremony. It was reported by CCTV-4 of China.

Changxin Zhou

Bathing in Pangong Lake 100x120cm 2011

In 2014: Co-sponsored by Zhou Changxin Art Fund and Chinese Culture Promotion Association, "The Program to Help the Most Promising Graduate Students in Arts" awarded the "Changxin Art Scholarship" by year. Totally, 20 winners are awarded, of which the top three received the "Most Potential Artists" title. It was reported by CCTV-4 of China.

July 2014: "China Pictorial" featured "Zhou Changxin: Building the Eastern Venation of Oil Painting"

Changxin Zhou

legend 197x291cm 2012

2013.08.28: Zhou Changxin served as the judge of the 2nd "Harmonious and Happy Tibet" art competition.

In 2013: Zhou Changxin’s world exhibition tour titled "Dynamic Life - Rainbow Colors", a ten-year program sponsored by CICE under the Ministry of Culture, PRC, was shown in its first stop (Venice of Italy) for five months. It was reported by CCTV-1, CCTV-13, CCTV-4, and BTV-1 of China.

Changxin Zhou

Spring Comes to Bawang Ridge 100x120cm 2010

2011.07.18: CCTV-4 "Journey of Civilization" broadcasted the new art of painter Zhou Changxin.

2010.11-29: At 10:55, CCTV-10 "People" broadcasted a feature film "Zhong Cai Oil Painter Zhou Changxin".

In 2010: "Zhong Cai Oil Painting" magazine was founded.

Changxin Zhou

Beautiful Changbai Mountain - Lake Tianchi 200X600cm  2015

August 2009: Zhou Changxin Art Fund, for public welfare and publicly offered, also the first one of its kind ever established after a person’s name, was founded by Beijing Culture Promotion Foundation. It was broadcasted at CCTV-1 Evening News.

Changxin Zhou

fairyland 197X291cm 2014 

2009.08.08: Zhou Changxin’s Zhong Cai Oil Painting Exhibition was held in the art gallery of the China National Academy of Painting, in concurrence with the first seminar of Zhong Cai oil painting held inside the Great Hall of the People. Shao Dazhen chaired the seminar. On the same day, the "China Culture Daily" made special report on a whole page: Zhong Cai Oil Painting - Building the Chinese Style to Oil Painting.

Changxin Zhou

aristocratic elopmemt 197X291cm 2016

In 2008: China’s Foreign Exhibition Center under the Ministry of Culture and other institutions held "One Dream: Zhou Changxin’s One-man Exhibition to Greet Beijing Olympics" in China Military Museum. It was broadcasted by CCTV-1.

In 2007: Zhou Changxin held a Zhong Cai oil painting exhibition after his round painting tour made in Taiwan.

Changxin Zhou

Mother 100X200cm  1995  Chinese Lnk and Gouackhe on Rice Paper

In 2007: "China Soul, Hong Kong Feeling", a Zhong Cai oil painting exhibition to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return was held in Hong Kong Exhibition Center. It was broadcasted by CCTV-4.

In 2006: "China Soul" was auctioned at RMB11.66 million, one of the top ten highest prices Chinese oil paintings were ever sold at.

Changxin Zhou

The Nujiang Public Bath  100X150cm  2002.12  Chinese Lnk and Oil on Canvas

Among Zhou Changxin’s published books are "Eastern Sun - Zhou Changxin's Painting Art", "Selected Works of Zhou Changxin", "Zhou Changxin’s Zhong Cai Oil Painting", "Selected Zhong Cai Oil Paintings of Zhou Changxin", "Selected Zhong Cai Oil Paintings from the Tour Made in Taiwan", "Sumptuously Colored Porcelain Paintings by Zhou Changxin", "The Road to Future Art" and "Zhong Cai Oil Painting" magazine.

Changxin Zhou

Pray  50X100cm  2005.10.22

Zhou Changxin has also published many articles, including "On Art", "From Zhong Cai to Zhong Cai Oil", "On Chinese Features in Zhong Cai Oil", "About Art Styles", "On Line-color Painting", "About True-image Art" and "From Zhong Cai Oil to Hou Cai Ci Porcelain Painting".


Changxin Zhou

The portrait My Father  50X60cm  2002.6

Zhou Changxin's artistic achievements have been specially reported by various media, including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, China Pictorial, China National Radio, Xinhuanet.com, China.org.cn, Sina.com, Sohu.com, Eastern Television, Phoenix Satellite TV, Asia Satellite TV, "Exclusive Reports" from Taiwan, "Leaders" from Hong Kong, "Asia Weekly", TVBS, "Leader" magazine, China News Agency, Beijing Satellite TV, "Beijing Times", "Beijing Evening News", "Economic Daily", "Guangming Daily", "Outlook" weekly , "Global" magazine, "Sing Tao Daily" from Hong Kong, "Art" magazine, China Culture Daily.Zhou Changxin's works are highly praised by people all over the world. Many of his works have been collected by Chinese and foreign governments, museums and private collectors.

Changxin Zhou

Sun 197X291cm 2009








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