Yongliang Xiao

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Yongliang Xiao

Yongliang Xiao

Xiao Yongliang, Post graduates Advisor, Changxin International Art College, Yunnan University.

Ph.D. Travel to the United States. Graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Grade 78. Graduated from Louisville University with a Master of Arts in Higher Education Management and a Ph.D. in Computer Visualization Philosophy. Graduated from the Molecular Research Institute of Stanford University. Graduated from the School of Mathematical Sciences of Kentucky University, and from the School of Physiology and Biophysics of Mount Sinai Medica Artificial Intelligence, software development and application, network system management, computer image processing, three-dimensional animation games and other research, published a number of important academic papers in world-class magazines and included in the United States Science and Engineering World Celebrity List.

In 1995, he returned to China to start the construction of China's Internet national backbone network. He has worked as chief engineer at FOX Blue Sky Film Studio of News Corp. USA. He is in charge of the company's technology development direction and leading edge technology. He has led and coordinated R&D, network management, system engineering, software programming and production process departments to design and implement a number of film production tasks.

The design and production of the top box office stunt and TV sensational advertisements include Titanic, Alien, Star Wars, Star Trek and Ice Age. The film Bonnie won the Golden Image Award of the 71st Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Director of Information Technology, School of Arts and Sciences, New York University, USA, and Professor of Arts.

In 1999, he started to establish the subject of digital media in China. After returning to China in 2005, we mainly engaged in creative media, digital art education, cultural and creative industries and other teaching, research and practice. Professor, Ph.D. supervisor of Beijing Normal University, Executive Dean of Cultural and Creative Industries Research Institute, Vice Dean of Arts and Media College (2002-2012), Director of Digital Media Research Institute and Director of Digital Art (Beijing) Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

Director of National Animation Creative Research and Development Center. Director of the Academic Committee of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Immersive Interactive Animation and Culture. Researcher, Institute of Cultural Industry (Center), Peking University and Tsinghua University. Vice Chairman of the Committee on Scientific and Technological Innovation of Overseas Chinese Businessmen. Member of the Expert Committee of the Inter-ministerial Joint Meeting of the National Support for the Animation Industry and Head of the Original Group.

Member of the evaluation committee of the "Five One Projects" of the Ministry of Propaganda and member of "Four One Group" expert evaluation team of the national propaganda and culture system of the Ministry of Propaganda and Publicity. Member of the Executive Committee of the Forum of Presidents of New Media Art Disciplines of the Academic Degree Office of the State Council. Ministry of Culture original animation support plan evaluation experts. Experts on the evaluation of the Yangtze River Scholars Award Program of the Ministry of Education. Expert of the Assessment Committee of Basic Arts Textbooks of the Ministry of Education.

Expert of the National Development Fund Project Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Member of the National Steering Committee of Experts on the Management of Grade Examination of Social and Artistic Level. Member of China Artists Association and member of animation art committee. Member of the Art Review Expert Committee of China Television Artists Association. Member of the Expert Review Committee of Beijing Special Fund for Cultural and Creative Industries Development. Director of Beijing Overseas Chinese Association, Special Expert Member of Beijing Overseas Chinese Federation, and Member of Science and Technology Group of Beijing Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Beijing Normal University. Vice Chairman of the Wenlian Federation of Haidian District. Member of Beijing Filmmakers Association. Vice Chairman, Animation Education Research Branch, Beijing Institute of Higher Education. Visiting professors from many famous universities at home and abroad.

He published more than 100 academic papers and monographs, and has won many national patents. He is the editor-in-chief of "Digital Media Academy Series Textbooks", "Classic Books of Game Academy", "National Standard Textbooks for Main Courses of Digital Media Animation and Game Specialty", "Director of Editorial Board of Animation Specialty Series Textbooks". Editor-in-chief of national "11th Five-Year Plan" textbooks, Beijing quality textbooks. He has published signed articles in such important newspapers as Seeking Truth, Red Flag, People's Daily, Guangming Daily and Beijing Daily.

He has won many national and provincial scientific research projects and government awards, including: the head of scientific research projects of the Ministry of Education, major projects of philosophy and Social Sciences in Beijing, the head of key projects, the head of planning projects of the Overseas Chinese Office under the State Council; the Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Excellent Achievement Award, the State Council Overseas Chinese Office Excellent Entrepreneurship Award, and the First Prize of Excellent Papers of the State Administration He was the director of planning and visual effects of the national major TV series Founding Father Zhu De, the director of planning and special effects of "Han Prime Minister - Xiao He", the director of "Lao Tzu Legend" and the director of three-dimensional animation "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

President of Beijing Branch of ACM SIGGRAPH. Editor of Leonardo, Journal of the International Society of Arts and Technology, MIT Press, USA. Editorial Board of Beijing Cultural Creativity. International Emmy Award Judge. Head of the TV and Film Judgment Team of Banff World Media Festival. Judge of China TV Golden Eagle Award. Chairman of the Jury of the Animation Short Film Award of Beijing University Film Festival.

Chinese Academy Award Judge, Director of Animation Award Jury. Beijing Film Academy Animation Academy Award Judge. Judge of the Animation Short Film Award of China Video Association. Member of the Council for the Promotion of Chinese National Culture. Director of the National Youth Federation Association for Overseas Students and Secretary-General of the Press and Media Professional Committee. Director of China Travel to America Science and Technology Association and President of New Media Society.

Its achievements have attracted considerable attention from domestic and foreign media, such as the special reports of World Daily and American Times in the United States, the exclusive interviews of Chinese elites in Hong Kong Mirror Monthly, the exclusive interviews of China Central Television's "Son of the East" and the guests of People's Daily's "Forum of Powerful Countries".

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