Gao Yun

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Gao Yun


Gao Yun


Gao Yun, associate professor, master research supervisor

2003.06-2009.10 Art Editor, Zhengzhou Fine Arts Publishing House

2009.10- present  Associate professor of Academy of Fine Arts, Zhengzhou

2014.08-2015.08 State sponsored visiting scholar, National Academy of Motion Picture Multimedia, University of London Burke College

2017.09-2018.06 Ministry of Education appointed school teachers as domestic visiting scholars in Institute of Experimental Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Good at book design, many design works participated in national and provincial design competitions and won prizes.

Her scientific research is based on visual communication and design theory in the context of industrialization and involves both curatorial theory and practical research.


Scientific research summary                                                            


- Works and Theories-

1. Associate Editor of General Education, Planning and Fine Arts Textbook "Printing and Art" for the Five-Year Plan, like Publishing House, September 2012.

(Selection of national textbooks)



JULY 2014-1 FEBRUARY 2015, Art and the Public Sphere, Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2016


3.Gao Yun. Study of the course resources of fine Arts education of university. Advanced Materials

Research, v 433-440, p 5415-5419, 2012, Materials Science and Information Technology, MSIT2011


4.Gao Yun. Color study and design of biological garments. WIT Transactions on Information and

Communication Technologies, 46 VOLUME 3, p 2795-2799, 2014, Information Science and

Management EngineeringEI


5. On Folk Art in Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing and Guizhou Border Ethnic Minority Areas, 2013.6 Mangzhe/CN21-1040/1, Nuclear Journal


6. Creative Approaches to New Formalization of Chinese Folk Art Elements, August 2013/Stage/CN13-1004/J, Nuclear Journal


7. Boys: Nostalgia Emotions in the Age of Micro Films, Film Science/CN22-1090/I, Nuclear Journal, August 2013


8. Problems in the Art Design of Television Publications in China in Recent Years, Science and Technology and Publishing/CN11-3209/G3, Nuclear Journal, June 2014


9. Analysis of Film Market Demand in Creative Industries, Short Story/CN22-1030/I, Nuclear Journal, 2015.8


- Longitudinal scientific research projects-


1. Presided over the Henan Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Project "Research on the Structural Change of Supply Side of Henan Chemical Industry" in 2017, in research.


2. Presiding over the research topic of the Provincial Social Science Federation and the Provincial Economic Group Federation in 2017, “The Research on the Strategies of the Inheritance and Innovation of Central Plains and the Improvement of Henan Province's Softening and Solidifying”, in research


3. Presiding over the social science research project of Zhengzhou in 2017, the juxtaposition of the new generation art space and pluralism in Zhengzhou.


4. Participate in the research plan of Mushroom Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education in 2014, The Path Selection and Response Research of Implementing Urban Image Innovation in the Central Plains Economic Zone, in research


5. In 2014 participated in Social Science Research of Mushroom, Ministry of Education,.


6. Presided over and concluded the soft science research project of Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department, "Research on the cultivation model of creative industries under the Central Plains Economic Zone"



7. Presiding over and concluding the key topic of Zhengzhou Muhua Development Report, Research on the Protection and Inheritance of Zhengzhou Muhua Heritage, 2014


8. Presiding over and concluding a research project on Social Sciences in Zhengzhou City, Research on Creative Renewal of Zhengzhou City's New Image, 2014


9. Presiding over and concluding the key research topic of Social Sciences in Zhengzhou, Research on Innovation of Traditional Communication Path, 2013


10. Presiding over and concluding a key research course of Social Science in Zhengzhou City, Research on the Integration of Science and Technology of Zhengzhou Municipality, 2013


11. Presiding over and concluding a research project on Social Sciences in Zhengzhou City, "Zhengzhou Printing Industry's Research on the Traditional Communication Works of the Central Plains", 2013


12. Presiding over and concluding the general project of Social Science Research of Henan Education Department, Building a World Famous City for the Construction of Central Plains Economic Zone Study, 2013

- Scientific research awards-


1. Presided over the award of Excellent Achievements in Social Sciences of Zhengzhou City in 2011-2012 for "Research on Promoting Regional Image of Central Plains Economic Zone by Creativity"


2. Selection of the Seventh National Book Design Art Exhibition for the Series "30 Years of Reform and Opening up", 2009


3. Book Design of "Business Map" Selected Seventh National Book Design Art Exhibition, 2009


4. “VI Design of


5. The book design of Qianzai Xiehuai_won the Henan Excellent Book Binding Design Award from 2010 to 2011, in 2012.


6. “Tongshengxiang Food and Beverage Logo Design” won the first exhibition of art and design works in Henan Province and other awards.


7. “LOGO Design of Tianyuan Mining Industry”, 2012.10, Third Prize of Three Art and Design Works Exhibition in Henan Province


8. Presided over "Research on Creativity Reshaping Zhengzhou's New Image", Third Prize for Excellent Research Topics of Zhengzhou Social Sciences in 2014


- Teaching Awards-


1. She presided over the completion of "The Most Beautiful Book of China for the Training Course of Design Responsibility and Comprehensive Quality Improvement for the Dry Teachers of Art Studies in Henan Province" and won Henan Province's first award.


Ninth Educational and Teaching Informationization Competition and Quality Course Competition on Integration of Information Technology and Curriculum--Courseware Award, 2015


2. Presided over the completion of "Logo Design Case Analysis" and won the 7th Multimedia Educational Software Competition of Henan Province, etc. Multimedia Courseware Award, 2013


3. She presided over the completion of the Binding of Books and won the Multimedia Courseware Award of the Sixth Multimedia Educational Software Competition of Henan Province, 2012


4. Independently completed the "On-the-spot/Europe Exhibition 2014-2015 Review London Chapter" and won the National Education and Teaching Informatization Competition and Henan Province 3rd Information Technology and Course Integration Quality Courseware Competition, etc. Award, 2017

Completed the "On-the-spot/Euro Exhibition 2014-2015 Retrospective London Chapter" and won the first National Educational and Teaching Informationization Competition and the third Henan Province Information Technology and Course Integration Quality Course Competition and other educational courseware awards, 2017


Independent expositions experience                                                              



2. 100Ps——Pan Leilei’s Painitngs》,With SpaceZhengzhou2016

3. REFLECTION Wu Bingyu Solo Exhibition,With Space, Zhengzhou2016

4. Anamorphic》,With SpaceZhengzhou2016


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