Introduction to Changxin International College of Art,

Yunnan University

Yunnan University was founded in 1922. In 1978, Yunnan University was identified by the State Council as one of 88 key universities of China. In 1996, Yunnan University became the first batch of key construction universities listed in the "211 Project" of China. Changxin International College of Art, Yunnan University, is the first "211 A class undergraduate institutes" jointly initiated by Yunnan University, Zhou Changxin Art Foundation and Yunnan Changxin Education Development Co., Ltd. in September 2016. Mr. Zhou Changxin, the founder of the College, is the founder of Chinese heavy-color oil painting, the founder of Chinese thick-color porcelain, focus and iconic figure of the integration of Chinese and Western art.


The college has 13 departments: Department of Plastic Arts, Department of Chinese Painting, Department of Oil Painting, Department of Printing, Department of Sculpture, Department of Ceramics, Department of Calligraphy, Department of Music, Department of Dance, Department of Dance Choreography, Department of Dance Performance, Department of Environmental Art and Department of Visual Communication Design; 8 research institutes: Institute of National Art, Institute of Religious Art, Institute of Art and Science, Institute of Art and Philosophy, Institute of Ceramic Culture, Institute of Calligraphy and Art, Institute of Heavy Color Oil Painting and Institute of Art Insurance and Assessment; three Centers: Training Center, Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Center, Folk Art Development Center; one painting materials research room, in total 14 disciplines and 17 professional directions.



The College has the right to confer Master's Degrees in two first-level disciplines: art theory and art; one second-level discipline: Chinese Minority Art; and one Professional Master's Degree: Master of Arts (including Chinese painting, oil painting, vocal music performance, visual communication, environmental art).



There are 260 faculty members (including 40 leading artists in various disciplines in China specially invited as postgraduate tutors), 50 professors, 100 associate professors, 110 lecturers, 35 teachers with doctoral degrees and who are studying for doctoral degrees, 5 national outstanding teachers, 1 Yangtze River Scholar, 8 subsidized by the State Council, and 5 outstanding teachers of high-level National Normal College. There are two members of the Teaching Steering Committee of Fine Arts Undergraduates of the Ministry of Education, three members of the Teaching Steering Committee of Design Major of the Ministry of Education, and one representative of the 11th National Congress of Chinese Women. 



[Goals and orientations]


Target orientation: First-class comprehensive art college in the world.

School type orientation: High-level creative teaching-oriented comprehensive art college.

School level orientation: the quality of education to reach "first-class level in the whole country" and "the first-class in the world" in some majors.

Training goal orientation: Focus on training students' learning ability, innovation ability, practical ability, communication ability and social adaptability. Cultivate inter-disciplinary, high-level artistic creativity, teaching and researching professionals with "excellent in both art and science, excellent in character and learning, deep humanistic connotation and a professional knowledge system meeting the needs of social development".

Service Orientation: Based in Yunnan, facing China, "Central, South-Eastern Asia" and the whole world, to become a base for training high-quality national artistic talents and high-level artistic creations.




[Academic Majors]


Art, heavy-color oil painting, oil painting, Chinese painting, printmaking, calligraphy, ceramics, sculpture, musicology, dance performance, landscape art design, interior art design, visual communication design, digital media art, clothing and costume design, public art, art management.


[College Leaders]


Honorary President:


Du Dakai (Senior Professor and PhD Advisor, School of Fine Arts, Qinghua University)


Wang Cizhao (Director of Academic Committee of Central Conservatory of Music, former President, PhD Advisor, Vice Director of National Arts Education Committee, Convener of the Music and Dance Discipline Appraisal Committee of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, former Director of Teaching Steering Committee of Art Specialty in National Colleges and Universities)


Yu Ping (former Vice President of Beijing Dance Academy, Director of Art Department of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, Director of Science and Technology Department, and now Director of Dance Academy of Nanjing Art Academy)


Hu Zhifeng (Dean of the Art and Communication College of Beijing Normal University. Editor-in-Chief of “Modern Communication”, Director of Media Art and Culture Research Center, Professor and PhD Advisor, Convener of the Drama and Film Discipline Review Group of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, and the First Special Professor of "Yangtze River Scholar" of the Ministry of Media Academy of China)



Dean: Zhou Changxin (a famous contemporary Chinese painter, educator, founder of Chinese heavy-color oil painting, founder of Chinese thick-color porcelain, father of line-color painting, founder of truth art, emissary of Chinese cultural exchange with foreign countries)


Chairman of Academic Affairs Committee: Wang Shengli (former President of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, PhD Advisor, Famous Oil Painter)


Executive Vice President: Zhang Shouhe (Famous Dance Director, Educator, Former Founder of Modern Dance Discipline of Beijing Dance Academy, Member of Academic Committee of Beijing Dance Academy, Professor)



Vice President: Yang Jianhua (Former Director of Academic Affairs of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Professor, Member of the Undergraduate Education Evaluation Group of the Ministry of Education)


Shang Hui (PhD Advisor, Director of China Artists Association, Member of Theoretical Committee of China Artists Association, Executive President of Art Magazine)



Ambassador of International Image: Vincent William Van Gogh (Ambassador of Van Gogh Museum)


Leader of Oil Painting Discipline: Zhou Changxin


Leader of Music Discipline: Ma Qiuhua (Professor, Vocal Music Educator, Doctoral Supervisor of China Conservatory of Music, President of China National Vocal Music Art Research Association, Vice-Director of the Central Committee of the Democratic League and Cultural Committee)


Leader of Dance Discipline: Zhang Shouhe


Leader of Sculpture Discipline: Zeng Chenggang (Vice President of Fine Arts College of Qinghua University, Professor, Vice Chairman of China Artists Association, President of China Sculpture Association)


Leader of Film and Television and Media Discipline: Hu Zhifeng


Leader of Porcelain Painting: Fan Minqi (Ceramic Artist, President of Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Research Institute).


Leader of printmaking discipline: Jiang Lu (former president of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and vice director of printmaking art committee of China Artists Association)

Leader of Art discipline: Shang Hui


Leader of Environmental Art discipline: Lu Zhicheng (Professor of Environmental Art Design Department, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Director of Institute of Architectural and Environmental Art Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Qinghua University)


Leader of Calligraphy discipline: Zeng Laide (National First-Class Artist, Vice-President of China National Academy of Painting, Executive President of China National Academy of Painting Calligraphy Seal Carving, Member of Arts Committee, Director of Teaching Department, Excellent Expert of Ministry of Culture)


Leader of Chinese Painting Discipline: Chen Mengxin (Vice President of Graduate School of China Academy of Arts, Second-level Professor, Doctoral Tutor, President of China Fine Brushwork Society)


Leader of Digital Art Discipline: Wang Danyan (Vice Director of Publicity and Management Department, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television; Vice-Director of CCTV Comment Committee and Executive Director of China Radio and Television Comittee. Doctor of Mass Communication Ethics, Senior Editor, National Top 100 Radio and Television Theorists.)


Leader in fashion design: Han Chunqi (Chairman of Art and Design Department of Beijing Dance Academy, Professor)


Director of Art Evaluation and Insurance Institute: Hu Yueming



[Special-Term Professor]


Wang Yong、Jiang caipin、Zhong chengxiang、Jin tielin、Guo runwen、Pan xiaodong、Xie chuyu、Yu xiaofu、Dai shihe、Ding yilin、Zhang zuying、Song ke、Sun jingbo、Yang yao、Wang tieniu、Yang yijiang、Xu jun、Luo jiang。Liang wenbo、Chen yiyun、Wang dachuan、Zhao yunhong、Zhao yindeng、Tan jing、Jing yongzhe、Kang jianzhong、Chen yong、Deng guiping、Jin lifen、Li jianying、Li xiaohong、Kong qingxue、Zhao jianan、Zhou ken、Wang wei、Niu le、Yuan lingling、Zhang donghua、Ni xuqian、Qin xilin、Liu wei、Lv jingquan、Li jiansheng、Gao chao、QIan yi、Qu yundong、Xue jinlan、Ju hongshen、Xu yun、Yang chenhu、Zhou wen、Xiao yongliang、Jiang dong、Li chunhua、Man yunxi、Ou jianping、Guo lei



[Educational Scope]


The total number of students is 623, of which 387 are undergraduates (196 in 2017 and 191 in 2018); 176 are full-time postgraduates and 60 are part-time postgraduates; in 2019, the university plans to recruit 230 undergraduates and 150 postgraduates, of which 80 full-time and 70 part-time students.



[Academic Achievement Goals]


On the basis of the evaluation of undergraduate and postgraduate students' academic achievements according to the "Personnel Training Program", they are required to attend academic lectures once a week, to participate in more than two international academic exchanges (including domestic and international exchanges), they are required to participate in two artistic creation and teaching internships and in one painting exhibition, design exhibition or performance (those with excellent professional achievements are encouraged to hold individual painting exhibitions, design exhibitions or music concert, dance performance). For concerts and individual dance performances, each student shall attend more than two "Student Forums" and make more than one keynote speech; submit six pieces of work for comprehensive evaluation of graduation achievements of majors (with research orientation) such as heavy-color oil painting, oil painting, Chinese painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, landscape art design, interior art design, visual communication design, digital media design, clothing and clothing design products. For music, dance performance and other majors (with research orientation) comprehensive evaluation of graduation results, each student must submit six creative works or six performances. For fine arts, public art, art management and other major comprehensive evaluation of graduation results, each student must submit a graduation thesis or design work.