The motto of CXICA

Never stop inspiring better innovation

Orientation of School-running target: First-class comprehensive art college in the world.

Orientation of School-running Type: High-level Creative Teaching-oriented Comprehensive Art College

Orientation of School-running Level: the quality of education has reached “first-class level in the whole country” and “international first-class” in some majors.

Training target orientation: Focus on training students' learning ability, innovation ability, practical ability, communication ability and social adaptability, and cultivate compound, high-level artistic creation, teaching and research professionals with "artistic reasoning, excellent quality, profound humanistic background, professional knowledge system to meet the needs of social development"

Service Orientation: Based in Yunnan, facing China, "Central, South-Eastern Asia" and the whole world, to become a base for training high-quality national artistic talents and high-level artistic creations.

Art, heavy-color oil painting, oil painting, Chinese painting, printmaking, calligraphy, ceramics, sculpture, musicology, dance performance, landscape art design, interior art design, visual communication design, digital media art, clothing and costume design, public art, art management.